Event Info

Event Guidelines

The Idaho State Rangeland Assessment CDE will follow the format of the Western National Rangeland CDE. However, because of time constraints, we will only do four of the five parts of the event.

Units done each year:

  • Part 1 – Plant Identification and Site Description
  • Part 2 – Range Management
  • Part 5 – Stocking Rate & Management Recommendations

Units on rotation:

  • Part 3 – Habitat for Domestic Grazers on EVEN years
  • Part 4 – Habitat for Wildlife on ODD years

Event Materials

Novice Rangeland Assessment Event 2018

  • To allow new students the opportunity to learn and take interest in the Rangeland Assessment CDE, this year you can bring students to experience a modified Rangeland Assessment Event.   This event has a couple less elements than the Rangeland Assessment CDE (see details below).  Depending on time, it may or may not be scored on site.  There is no registration fee for these students (more information is in the registration document sent by Clara-Leigh, Executive Direction Idaho FFA Association).


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