Study Plants

Listed below are the 55 common Idaho rangeland plants selected for use in this event, along with their characteristics and links to images. Complete plant list available here: Plant List

Clicking on the link to examples takes you to pre-defined search results from the Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria displaying high-quality digital images of plant specimens. Simply click on the thumbnail images and explore the plant up close.

  • Plant Links – Download an excel table with links to plant images.
  • Quizlet – Study the CDE plants on Quizlet. This website allows you to study plant identification sets we’ve made! You can study by flashcards, spelling tests, testing yourself, or even create your own study set.
  • Plant Set Order Form – Find out more information to getting a high quality set of plant mounts for your students to study from.
  • Plant Identification Study Flashcard Powerpoints


Baltic Rush – Examples
Basin Wildrye – Examples
Bluebunch Wheatgrass – Examples
Cheatgrass (or Downy Brome) – Examples
Crested Wheatgrass – Examples
Elk Sedge – Examples
Foxtail Barley – Examples
Idaho Fescue – Examples
Indian Ricegrass – Examples
Intermediate Wheatgrass – Examples
Kentucky Bluegrass – Examples
Medusahead Rye – Examples
Mountain Brome – Examples
Nebraska Sedge – Examples
Needle-and-Thread – Examples
Prairie Junegrass – Examples
Purple Threeawn – Examples
Rhizomatous Wheatgrass (Thickspike or Western) – Examples
Saltgrass – Examples
Sandberg Bluegrass – Examples
Smooth Brome – Examples
Squirreltail – Examples



Arrowleaf Balsamroot – Examples
Curlycup Gumweed – Examples
Halogeton – Examples
Indian Paintbrush – Examples
Lupine – Examples
Mule-ears – Examples
Penstemon (or Beardtongue) – Examples
Russian Thistle (or Tumbleweed) – Examples
Scarlet Globemallow – Examples
Tall Larkspur – Examples
Tapertip Hawksbeard – Examples
Western Yarrow – Examples
Wild Geranium – Examples



Antelope Bitterbrush – Examples
Big Sagebrush – Examples
Chokecherry – Examples
Common Snowberry – Examples
Coyote Willow – Examples
Curl-leaf Mountain Mahogany – Examples
Fourwing Saltbush – Examples
Greasewood – Examples
Juniper (Utah, Rocky Mountain, or Western) – Examples
Mormon Tea – Examples
Quaking Aspen – Examples
Rabbitbrush (Green or Rubber) – Examples
Saskatoon Serviceberry – Examples
Shadscale – Examples
Winterfat – Examples



Canada Thistle –  Examples
Hoary Cress (or Whitetop) – Examples
Rush Skeletonweed – Examples
Salt Cedar – Examples
Spotted Knapweed – Examples

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