The 2020 Rangeland Assessment CDE will be held in Pocatello on October 12-13, 2020

  • Monday, October 12, 6:30-9:00pm– Dinner and CDE Training (optional)
  • Tuesday, October 13, 8:00am-2:30pm–Competition, Lunch and Awards

The official schedule of events will be posted early September 2020.

Registration is due Thursday, October 1st and is $10/person.  This includes dinner on Monday and the catered lunch on Tuesday.  Registration will be available early September.

Rangelands cover nearly half of Idaho (26 million acres) and provide many goods and services including livestock forage, wildlife habitat, water, outdoor recreation, renewable energy and minerals, and open space.

These iconic western landscapes influence the lives and livelihoods of nearly all Idahoans because 90% of Idaho citizens live amidst rangelands or in areas that were rangeland prior to cultivation and development. Idaho’s economy depends heavily on rangelands as 65% of the total land area of Idaho is grazed by domestic cattle and sheep that support rural communities and agricultural enterprises.

The Idaho State FFA Rangeland Assessment Career Development Event (CDE) is held each fall on Idaho rangelands.  FFA members from across Idaho test their knowledge of rangeland management and learn about college degree programs that can lead to careers managing and conserving rangelands

The goal of this contest is to raise young people’s awareness of rangelands and introduce skills used by trained professionals. Students who are trained in the technical skills, such as plant identification and vegetation measurement protocols, can pursue opportunities for seasonal employment.

The Idaho Rangeland Assessment CDE has four units completed out on the range and one scenario completed in the classroom. Units include:

  1. Stocking Rate and Management/Current Rangeland Issue
  2. Plant Identification
  3. Site Description
  4. Rangeland Assessment
  5. Rangeland Ecosystem Measurements

The top five teams advance to the Western National Rangeland CDE where they compete with other top-ranking teams from across the west.

2019 Winning Teams:
1st: Hagerman
2nd: Gooding
3rd: Rockland
4th: West Jefferson
5th: Rigby Middle

2019 Winning Novice Teams:
1st:  Gooding
2nd:  Melba
3rd: Weiser

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